Whether you’re President of the United States or the president of your class, dishonesty is a slippery slope that can have profound impacts on our communities and society. To improve our own behavior and demand more accountability from those around us, we need to better understand the complexity of our decision-making and morality. Combining behavioral science research and compelling real-world stories, the (Dis)Honesty Project offers a powerful lens through which to explore how and why we lie, and how we can encourage one another to be better.

The (Dis)Honesty Project offers a suite of educational programming tailored to students and educators, including:

(Dis)Honesty ‐ The Truth About Lies

Slippery Slopes curriculum

Professional Development workshops

School‐led PD workshops
Screen the documentary film (Dis)Honesty – The Truth About Lies (90 mins or 56 mins) for your class or school to jump start conversations around ethics and honesty. To purchase a license for the film, click HERE.
The Slippery Slopes curriculum for middle and high school students brings the core concepts of (Dis)Honesty – The Truth About Lies into the classroom and allows students to explore their own honesty through unique and fun experiments and activities. The curriculum is included free with an educational license of the film and can be used in English, History, Math, Science, Art, and more.
Professional Development workshops led by the (Dis)Honesty Project offer educators an in-depth exploration of how and why we all lie and provides the tools to bring those concepts into the classroom. Including clips from (Dis)Honesty – The Truth About Lies and experiments created by Dan Ariely, these workshops are tailor-made for the intended audience and the needs of the school.
We can’t be everywhere at once, so the (Dis)Honesty Project also provides materials for school-led PD workshops. These include film clips and discussion questions delivered in powerpoint format for educators and professional learning coordinators to lead their own trainings.

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